John Macan (part 2)

Okay, so months ago I ranted about a rather fat and pathetic individual named John Macan who, at the time, was living in the Batavia/Stafford, New York area. This post is going to serve as a bit of an update and I wish I could see his face if he ever read this. If anyone actually manages to record/take a picture of the above, I may very well be willing to give a monetary reward. See below for a picture.

UPDATE (2/2011): John is in jail. See the comments below for more information.

UPDATE (4/2011): John may have been released from jail. I assume somehow, he came up with bail money.

UPDATE (4/2015): John is residing near Houston now, is on probation after being convicted of two separate felonies, and continues to con people. The investigation against him in NY has long since been dropped. I have written other posts on him that are far more up-to-date.

Right so, for anyone reading this, he is now living in College Station, Texas. He’s staying in an apartment on Marion Pugh Drive. He is/was dating a girl and two people close to this girl contacted me after finding my previous blog post regarding John. Neither of them, to quote their own words “believe a word he says”.

Diving further in (and I might be reiterating some of this), he has no college degree. He left a bunch of papers at my apartment after he trashed it. I have written proof  (that I’ve scanned) that he does/has a bench warrant out for his arrest in New York (I don’t know if he took care of it), he has so many fines that he is unable to get a license in New York (because he’s had so many DWI’s, but that I know. I don’t have paperwork for it). He is no laywer or attorney.

Currently and as far as I know, he’s claiming he has a Master’s degree from Cornell University and will be teaching some kind of computer class in the future at Texas A&M university. He’s says it, but it’s not going to happen. He does not have a degree, especially a Master’s degree. In addition, I was recently told by an anonymous source (literally) that he’s impersonating a firefighter in College Station, Texas. I have no idea if this is true, but it fits his modus operandi.

Lastly, he’s currently being investigated in New York. The case is being handled by Deputy Matthew Butler of the Genesee County Sheriff’s. As I’m typing this post right now, no charges have been filed yet.

I’ll add more information as I learn it. If anyone is interested in contacting me with information/wanting to know even more information, please leave a comment. It will not post automatically and if you would not like the comment public, please say so in the comment.

  • M

    you can contact me if you want, I dated him for 5 years, starting in our freshman year of high school and while attending GCC. I could give to shits about him because I’m happily engaged right now but I would LOVE to see him go down. tell me what else you know and how did you find out what you know already??

  • Jay

    Wow!!! I have met him. He now claims to be a Colgate graduate, firefighter, paramedic and computer guru. He lives at the Twin City Mission(Homeless shelter) in Bryan TX. I met him at a bar in Bryan. He claimed he was hired by the BFD and his mother was wiring him $3500 dollars and a $1000 gift card to get a house and vehicle. He is very disturbed mentally and is probably a sociopath. He has a very convincing way about him. Definitely someone to NOT trust or associate with.

    • Chris

      Sounds like his usual bullshit.

      If he’s a computer guru, I’m the next Bill Gates.

      • Jay

        I would try contacting his mother or his aunt. His mom owns the Stafford trading post, name Michele. They are nice people and despise John. They might help you recoup some of your cash. Sorry he did that to you man. Anymore info I get I will forward to you…

        • Chris

          I know Shelly and his grandmother. They both know me, but I do not know his aunt. His mother knows exactly what her son did to me. She runs that store while working nights as a nurse, while taking care of her teenage son — John’s stepbrother. I know just how much she hates John and can only imagine how hard he has made her life. She’s an extremely capable person and never deserved such a lying, pathetic, sociopathic con man for a son.

          She doesn’t owe me any money nor does she need to clean up he son’s screw ups. Between money I gave him, bills he didn’t pay, gas for driving all over the place, I’m out about $2,500. If I never get it back, I’ll live and it won’t put me in debt for the rest of my life. Some of John’s fake lawyer advice might have, however.

          If anything good has come out of this, John moving to Texas keeps him away from his stepbrother. I really hope his stepbrother doesn’t grow up to be like him.

          • Josh

            Im his little brother. First off i will never take after anything of him. I do have to say that posting this is not needed. As screwed up as he his,im not sure what to think anymore. I am 50/50 on if hes a firefighter but however be supposedly has pictures to prove it. And i know who the “M” person was and it was Megan Allen a girl he decieved out of alot of money and i’m sorry for that Megan. Just for the record Megan i still got that one hat you gave me for christmas :)

          • Josh

            You don’t understand Chris. It may have been a good thing influence wise but i miss him!

  • Rick

    I work for BFD and he did stop by to inquire about a job with us. By his answers to my questions, I told him he wasn’t qualified. Now I know why. I thought he was delusional in thinking he could even pass our physical entrance exam, as he sat in front of me with his lungs rattling as he breathed. I got a call a few days later from someone here in town warning me about this individual. I assured him in no way would John ever be a Bryan Firefighter. I saw him walking down the street in downtown Bryan with someone we know as homeless. It puts the whole stroy together now. Wow, what a solid citizen!

    • Chris

      Rick, I sent an e-mail last night to trying to warn your department about him.

      Glad to hear someone already did for me.

  • stlubc

    If its any consolation, he was booted from the homeless shelter last night after I delivered some anonymous e-mails to the director yesterday. He is broke, on the street in a VERY bad part of town(MLK ave. and the barrio) and its cold and rainy. I predict we will be reading about him in the paper real soon. I will keep you updated

  • anon

    Wanna see a picture of him?

    He’s currently being held in Brazos County Jail for forgery charges. And there’s a link to his mugshot on that page.

    • Chris

      This is much appreciated. Thank you.

  • Chris

    The above link shows someone else’s arrest info. I took a screenshot before the link changed.


  • JM Texas

    I owe you and your Father an apology for how I treated you on the phone. Please know that John was next to me and in Texas at the time, and I was trying to keep him here while he was being investigated.
    He was arrested for a state jail felony, and as long as no one pays his bail, he will be in there until his trial date, which can take up to a year in Texas. Then, once his time has been served, he will have probation.
    If you would please take down the info about the address of the apartment, I will keep you updated with the court proceedings. This apartment complex has posted a Criminal Trespass Warrant against him and would like not to be associated, if possible.
    You can contact me with any questions you have.

  • Meghan

    crazy crazy! keep up the posts, I’m so glad to see some karma coming back and finally getting him what he deserves! And as far as what the previous person said about his mom Michele, she is an AMAZING woman, she worked her ass off to give John everything he wanted and he took everything for granted. Keep the updates coming!

  • JM Texas

    Currently, John is being held in the jail. However, I was recently told that he is having some issues there too. I had hoped all of this would help him learn his lesson. But, I heard someone offered him extra food in exchange for a phone card. The person gave him the extra food, but he has not come through with the phone card.

    Josh– the person you know is a lie. It is not the true John Macan, but the person who would lie, cheat, or steal to get what he wants.

  • M.

    Wow. Dated this guy for about a month and had to cut him loose because he was FUCKED UP. He completely made up that he was in a flashover while he was a firefighter in Batavia to get my attention. Told me he was going to get trained as a FEMA worker, but I don’t believe a single word he said. Also gave me the whole nine yards about going to Colgate and playing football there, told me he had his Master’s, when I asked for proof of this stuff (because the time frames of it made NO SENSE, he’s a horrible liar) he was dumbfounded and didn’t know what to say. Had to threaten to call the cops to even get him out of my life, nice to see that he’s with them anyway now. What an ass.

  • jolynda

    i know john and his family very well, i went to school with him, his little brother is like my little brother, josh your a good kid dont be like john and i kno you wont, his mom is a great person, i have known them since i was in 6th grade, and yes he lies alot, he was a good kid when he wanted to be

  • SOL also

    I too fell for his bullshit, wish I would have read the August post… back in August.

    • Chris

      Yeah, um, Veronica… we warned you. You should’ve left his dumb ass that night at the hospital.

      FYI, he was telling anyone that would talk to him that he knocked you up and you were an undercover federal agent.

  • V

    Yeah, I wish I listened, BAhahahaha!! I’m a federal agent who’s a single mom?! News to me!

    • sc

      it happened to me and im a single mom and he screwed me over big time

  • U no me

    Wow.. Its about time.. I was so sick of all of the lies, and it is good to know that something bad happened.. He deserved it.. I did so much for it.. And chris, i am sorry i couldnt help.. my schedual screwed everything up.. I tried to tell you. Everytime i was free, the deputy was busy.. I mean He pretended to be a cop, a lawyer, a firefighter, and some big smart kid from that college. He prolly did not have the right to stay at that house that he stayed at..

  • Sandra

    Wow, so glad I found this..I’ve been talking to him for almost a month now..I’ve tried going out with him several times but he somehow always finds an excuse not to meet me. it all makes sense now. Thanks for all this info, if you want to know anything about him: he says he’s a paramedic for a couple years now, studied computer science at Cornell but didn’t like it and only did it to make his mom happy, so he dropped out of it and wants to go to UT Austin/Rice/SMU for teaching/music. What is he being invesitgated for in NY?

    • Chris

      He was being investigated for fraud in NY. Since he left the state and one other person never gave a statement to the investigating deputy, the case was dropped.

      If you wouldn’t mind, could you keep talking to him and pulling as many lies as he’ll come up with and keep us informed? If you don’t want to, it’s fine, however, I would love an update on where he’s living or where he says he’s living? Bonus points for a cellphone number. He still owes me about a grand.

      Also, I’ve heard varying reports that he might be going by the name of his brother — Josh — since being released on bail. Could you confirm this?

      • Sandra

        cell phone: 585-201-9797 or possibly 585-201-8395. I would keep talking to him, but he doesn’t answer my calls anymore, not sure why. Anyway, he says he lives with his aunt, Wanda, and cousin Steven in Bryan, Texas. I actually have his address: 2002 beck st, Bryan, Tx 77803. And as far as I know he is going by Johnny.

  • Sandra

    *If this is published and he sees it, I am screwed and there won’t be any up dates* I may be able to keep talking to him. He says that he deleted his Facebook, and that he was bitten by a cottonmouth and he got a generic version of the anti-venom in Bryan but had to be careflighted to Dallas for the “good” anti-venom. His best friend, Sara, brought him TrueBlood to watch while he was in the hospital, for five days, because he got tired of watching all the season of Simpsons, Family Guy, etc. He will be moving to Austin in “like a week”. He says he can send me the picture of his hand if I don’t believe him. If there is anything specific you would like to know, email me and I’ll try and find it out.

  • Sandra

    So surprisingly enough Johnny can’t seem to remember what hospital he was at. He said it was something county hospital. Email me anything you want me to ask him, and I’ll try to get his new Austin address. I’ll let you know time I’m upstate, I was actually hoping to get up there in the next couple months, I have family up there.

  • sandra

    Well, I think he got scared off somehow. He was getting kind of suspicious when I was asking about the name of the hospital he’d been admitted to and for his exact address for his ‘new’ apartment in Austin. Can’t say I’m terribly sorry to see him gone though..

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  • Stacy

    Help me he is dating my girl in Bryan , She is only 17 year old help me please . Yes I am going to have him put in jail real soon ……….

    • Stacy

      Well she moved out to be with Him , I know that her life is missed up now that she is with him, She qiut school had just this year to fisnsh high School and go to College , Her dad has cut all her money off , And I am not helping her as for her Family they are not helping her. I guess this well be something she will Learn in life what a Con Man John Macan is .

      • Anon

        Stacy, can you give us any info about his present location, address, etc? I am a local official who was involved in exposing his fraudulent claims and would like to keep an eye on him as he’s now disappeared from my RADAR.

        • steven

          i can give u info on him he is staying in Br5yan on Villa Maria in some appartments with a girl named Emily Snook…

        • Lizz.

          He is in Spring, Tx! I was contacted by a friend/co-work of a 19 year old girl that he is currently living with.. he is telling people that he is working for HP computers. Please if anyone as any info contact me by text or giving me a call at (979) 450-4895

  • jplowe

    what should i do. he is dateing my sis.

  • JM Texas

    Stacey, Call Adult Supervision (Google it) and let his probation officer know that he is dating a 17 year old, if she is still 17. Also, I have worked with other girls to help them recover from/get rid of this con person, and I’d be glad to help. I had to do a lot of recon to help the other girls, and I can definitely share…

  • JM Texas
  • Jason s.

    Ok guys, If anyone has any current info or questions on this guy please feel free to comment and I will try to get back to you. I’m am currently working to setup a secondary email address and will list it as soon as I do so anyone can contact me directly. I’m not going to try to hide who I am. I live in college station Texas, sister city to Bryan Texas where John last address was. He was in the county court here as recent as monday(12-5-11)
    Stacy, contact me if you still read this, a 18yr old friend of mine was duped the same way by this guy, maybe she can convince her since she has been there..
    Anon and JMTexas, contact me if you see this and have any more info, I am working on a notebook of papers on this guy..
    Thanks guys!

    • JMTexas

      What can I do to help you with your notebook? Glad to help!

  • Me again


    So I know you are super busy with life, but it seems that somehow, your blog became the way to find out what in the world the jerk face John is up to. John burglarized a residence, and that offense caused his felony forgery charge to be changed to guilty. As of December 8th, there is a new arrest warrant out for him. Hopefully this charge will stick. Also, his residence address is a pizza place in Bryan. This is the most information that I have been able to dig up.

  • JM Texas

    How did John end up in jail this time? Anyone have the story?

    • Stacy

      Yes I do I put him there , I hope he stays there a long time . I did what I had to do to get him there, I went over town and tols everyone that he was using four names in this town . That he toke things out of a buss that was closed down .Yes he broke in to it. He lied to the Police about were he was and he name . So I have done my job here ……..

      • JMTexas

        Good for you!!

  • just me

    This Emily Snook Facebook Status on Jan 21,2012

    Johns finally off from work with news that hes received a scholarship to any major medical school in the country to finish up to become a dr.! Proud you babe :)…

    • Chris

      I’m calling bullshit on this. The fatass is looking at two felonies and flunked out of community college.

      Whatever he told you, it isn’t true.

      • just me

        Oh I agree with you. This is just what she stated on her status.She is totally blinded by this lies !!

      • JMTexas

        Here’s where I am a little confused. I, nor the City of College Station have received no restitution due to the fact that John is not working… But, he’s off from work? And, he has stated in public record that because of his knee he cannot work and is seeking disability.
        (Not snowed, just wondering how long it will take the Texas authorities to catch up…)

  • me again


    I was walking around TAMU campus last Saturday night and I saw John with his Emily. They were holding hands and he had his left arm wrapped up in an Ace bandage. Who knows what he did this time to his arm or what “heroic” story comes with it. They were walking into Dunn, one of our dorms on campus. As far as I know, there is still an arrest warrant out for him since he didn’t show up for his court date. Hopefully they will catch him soon.

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