Fixing suspend/hibernate on ASUS G60JX

Yesterday, I bought an ASUS G60JX laptop. After some hard thinking, I decided to not put Ubuntu on it and go with Arch Linux. As much as I’m thankful for all the work Canonical has put into Ubuntu and what it’s done for the Linux community, it’s also creating a legion of pussies and lazy asses thinking they’re some badass because they know how to click some buttons and install Ubuntu. That isn’t to say that everyone that uses Ubuntu is a pussy or a lazy ass.

However, after getting Arch installed and X working, I discovered I had one serious issue. Suspend doesn’t work. Ironically, I found a pm-utils script on Just forget about the USB3 script and make sure you remember to set the script with execute permissions (chmod +x /path/to/pm/script), but wait, it doesn’t end there!

The G60JX has a backlit keyboard and when you put it in suspend, the backlight starts having a seizure! To fix this, you need to have acpid installed. You also need to download the tar archive in this forum post, but for those that don’t want to create an account on, you can download the tar archive here. Extract it, cd into the directory it creates, and run the install script (if you’re using arch, replace the last line that is restarting the acpid daemon with ‘rc.d restart acpid’). Afterwards, you should be able to suspend without problems.


  • Srikar

    Nice to see your posts on the G60JX Chris. I also hav e the same laptop and am looking for some help. I’m running Mandriva /Ubuntu on this sucker and facing endless problems with the graphics Various flavous of Ubuntu just refuse to boot . I was able to install and run Mandriva successfully, but when I install the nVidia driver, I start getting random freezes. Tried versions of the NVidia drivers from 195.x to the latest 295.x and all have the same issue. I’m pretty sure its the graphics card causing the issue Ubuntu too . I,’m interested to know how you got X working on Arch and are you able to turn on all the fancy 3D effects ? Any suggestions are appreciated

  • Random_Jerk

    Hi Chris nice to see your post. I have the same laptop as yours and interested to know if your experiencing any issues with Nvidia drivers on Arch ? Are you able to run all 3D effects smoothly ? I’m facing major issues like random freezes with Nvidia graphics on Linux. I tried both Mandriva and Ubuntu and seem to have similar problems. Tried various drivers from 195.x to 295.x to no avail. Any suggestions are welcome.

    • Chris

      I had the same problem trying to install Ubuntu (which is why I ultimately went for Arch instead of Ubuntu). If I had to guess, Ubuntu and other distributions are using the open source driver (I’m using the proprietary driver) and the open source driver needs some tweaking to work right.

      As far as 3D effects, I have compiz set up and they work fine. I’ve definitely lost some hours playing Minecraft and Heroes of Newerth without any problems.

      Arch is a little intimidating for those used to distributions like Ubuntu and Mandriva that set up everything up for you, but it’s well documented on their wiki how to set up. If you feel like making the plunge in switching to Arch, I can tell you specific things I did (like turning off anti-aliasing) to make it look nice.

      • Random_Jerk

        I’m also using the proprietary driver (nVidia 295.40) on both Ubuntu and Mandriva, and I face this instability. Let me go through the Arch documentation and see if I want to take the plunge. I’m short on time, so I think it would be tough to reinstall a new distro. Anyways, if you can provide the list of things you did in Arch to get stable 3D, I would appreciate that. How did you turn off anti-aliasing ? In the nVidia X Server Settings ?

        • Chris

          Odd, I’m also using the nvidia 295.40 driver on Arch without issues.

          It really didn’t take much to get working 3D graphics working. Once you’ve got the driver, all you need is an X server. Compiz is the window manager that has the 3D eye candy effects.

          As far as anti-aliasing goes, it was just creating ~/.fonts.conf and putting specific code into it. WordPress keeps stripping out the code when I try posting it.

          • Random_Jerk

            OK. I got this laptop nearly 1.5 yrs back. Since you said you got it very recently, I’m not sure if Asus did put in a more Linux friendly chipset into its production recently.

            Regarding Compiz, I run KDE 4 on Mandriva and the GNOME 3 Unity interface on Ubuntu. I’m not sure if they would allow Compiz to take over, as Compiz is pretty outdated and deemed redundant. Let me try Compiz and see if it helps.

          • Chris

            I didn’t buy it new. Bought it off someone for $500 used.

            Also, I don’t know where you’re getting your information from, but Compiz isn’t oudated or redundant.

  • Random_Jerk

    OK. Then we would have pretty much the same hardware. Let me try Compiz and others. Forget about Compiz, even running flash makes my system freeze when running 295.40. I guess it was to do with Kernel mode setting or other such parameters, and I haven’t had much help over various forums on this issue.

    • Chris

      I think this is a problem with Ubuntu/Mandrivia. This is why I don’t like either distribution. There’s a lot of heavy patching and pre-configured applications which, as you can see, cause problems.

      Arch may not be as user-friendly as Ubuntu and other distributions because you have to spend the time to understand how to configure your system instead of it done for you, but it works much better overall.